Must haves for your kitchen

Must haves for your kitchen

Must haves for your kitchen
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When you scroll through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, there is a good chance you might stumble up on these amazing looking houses with amazing interior and decorations. You might want this but don’t know how to accomplish the same look in your own house. Well for one part of the house I’m gonna tell you how to achieve a similar look, the kitchen.

Organise things

You have definitely seen those videos or pictures where people have their cabinets perfectly organized. They have those see through jars/boxes to put their cereal, sugar, rice, sweets or spices in and then label them by name. It looks amazing and it might be easy to use but it does take some work. If you want to do this in your kitchen make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. This means you’ll have to refill everything all the time, get some of those see through or colored apothecary jars at the cosmetic bottles wholesale or another place. I mean, it’s a lot of work, but if you like it, do it. Get some jars to use, get some stickers and organize away. Make sure that if you have kids, they have to leave you alone, otherwise the kitchen might not end up being orga\nized at all.

Put things up

Try putting some things up against a wall or a counter. For example, get a rack to hang your towels and dishcloth over so they’re not in your way. Make sure you get one that matches the ‘aesthetic’ of your kitchen though, otherwise the whole organized and themed look is done for. Also try getting a small pump you can put up for your hand and dish soap, that way they’re not on the counter and therefore, most likely not in your way.

Create an open space

This is what putting things up helps with, creating an open space. Also use of color and decorations weighs into this category a lot. If you put up too many things and decorations, the space will start to look messy and smaller than it is. Same goes for the color scheme, if you use more light colors, your kitchen will look brighter and therefore more open and welcome. Don’t make everything a dark color and try out having a little pop of color here and there. If you have a black kitchen, for example, keep some kitchen tools and machines in your favorite color. This could be white, blue, red, pin, green, yellow, whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t look too dark and only makes the kitchen more fun to be in.